FAVOLA Klar Blå + ZEPHYR snorkel

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Uniquely shaped lenses deliver improve peripheral vision over all and are inclined for better viewing upwards and downwards.

Twin lens design has a low internal volume that reduces buoyancy in the water and eases clearing.

Cardanic Joint Buckles rotate both up-and-down and in-and-out for a customized and pinch-free fit.

Counterposed push button activation makes strap adjustments fast and holds the strap securely in place once set. The system is also easy to use when wearing gloves.

Wide headpiece on silicone strap conforms to the user's head to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

High-grade silicone material allows the facial skirt to flex and naturally mold around facial contours for a leak-free seal.

Shatterproof, tempered glass lenses suitable for diving and snorkeling meet ANSI standards.


The Zephyr has a splashguard with a purge channel on the top of the snorkel to prevent water ingress
There is an elliptical purge valve at the bottom for easy purging of any water that makes it past the upper splash guard and purge channel

Integrated corrugation zone that allows for flexibility like a flex snorkel, but the rigidity of a non-flex

The lower section rotates, allowing the user to get an ergonomic fit and allows for reduced jaw fatigue.

Patented Comfobite mouthpieces, which does not require the user to clench their teeth, eliminate jaw fatigue

An optional, smaller size Comfobite is available

Comfobite mouthpieces are replaceable